Energy Healing


The laying on of hands, also referred to as energy healing, energy treatment, bioenergy therapy, biofield therapy and energy work, promotes healing by improving the energy circulation and correcting disturbances in the human aura that surrounds the body. This enhancement of the flow of aura's energy supports the self-healing capacity of the body.

The laying on of hands is an old healing technique that is making its way back into our lives in a revival of ancient understandings. All around the world individuals is learning ways to sense energy, move their energy and they are finding energy healing treatments.

The application of energy fields for healing, implies the generation of a magnetic field strong enough to produce modifications in the body without damaging it, and that field ought to be fine-tuned enough to deal with specific disease, since dealing with the aura with a large frequency spectrum is not enough.

Vibrational healing or the laying on of hands can restore individuals to a state of health and consistency in four planes:




and spiritually


No there is not!

Everything that exists is energy, so every healing includes energy although the majority of healing methods are only concentrated on the physical level.

Energy healing works over the energetic level of our being, and from there it affects the physical, psychological, mental and the spiritual level.

Energy healing is then a holistic healing technique, since it addresses the energy of which the body mind and emotions are made up, matching and supporting the other healing methods.

the vibrational healers deal with individuals using pure energy that affects the energetic system serving as a kind of wave-guide to reroute or straighten the affected subtle energies.


Energy healing overcomes the laying on of hands, and is only part of a larger field called Energy Medication that utilizes crystals, herbs, sound or mind control.

All of them work over vibratory patterns which affect the energetic patters at work in the physiology

Some therapists want to use crystals or other tools to produce energy healing, but energy healing if more frequently produced by the interaction of the therapist with the healee in the energetic level. (Outstanding referrals on energy medication are Richard Gerber's Vibrational Medicine and James Oschman's Energy Medicine.).


The physique that we see in a mirror is not the only one that we have, we likewise have an energy field thaT surrounds us named The Aura. The physical body is our most dense expression of energy, and we likewise have lots of other bodies often called The subtle bodies.

There are many different descriptions of our aura, but the majority of them explain it as having various layers.

There are also other important energy centers named The chakras where essential exchanges of energy happen which are also influenced by the energy healing.


On the western civilization knowledge is obtained through the "experimentation method" or the "scientific method" but this is not the only method of getting understanding or maybe I should say that the "clinical approach" just gains knowledge about through the information that our senses offer us, however there are other methods of getting knowledge that eastern civilization believe to be equally valid.

" Scientific technique" can just show what we can perceive through one or more of our five senses (" seeing is believing" we state), however there are those who have the ability to view through higher sense perception.

It has likewise being discovered that the observer impacts the things of observation through the act of observing, so there need to be something that happens in some other kind of energy field that our scientific do not accept as real by now.

And modern science is making every day discoveries about new healing approaches that are consistent with the concept of influencing the human energy field with other energies (noise, heat, etc.).

Undoubtedly few researchers will accept the concept of energy healing, however there are starting to be some looks into that show that healing does have an effect. Herewith I will mention only one, but you can read about the others below in the Recommendations.


The following experiment proved that therapists practicing non-contact healing techniques have the ability to induce significant modifications in the energy field of blindfolded guinea pig.

An individual was separated behind a divider and a conductivity (or Kirlian) image was taken of his finger.

The practitioner drew a card on which the word "brighter" was written (he was the only one in the space to see the card), then he continued to move his hands around the test subject without touching him, in effort to make the conductivity image of the guinea pig better.

Another image was taken after 3 minutes of trying to increase conductivity.

The for the next 3 minutes the practitioner moved his hands around the test subject in an attempt to make the conductivity picture of the text subject less bright, and another picture was taken.

The pictures plainly indicated that the specialist effectively increased the energy when he attempted to do it, and after that reduced the brightness of the guinea pig conductivity without touching him when he was instructed to do so.

The better and smoother images observed after the experiment not just indicated that the guinea pig's energy altered, but also that a Michael O Doherty clinic reliable therapy was administered.

NOTE: If you want more details about this experiment you can find it at the CHI Institute: []

These energy fields are rather measurable and there is strong evidence that recognized biophysical mechanisms can account for the observed phenomena.

Everybody know that the body has some electrical fields that can be measured with strategies as EMG, EEG and EKG, ant that electrical signals are produced and received by the body.

In 1963 at Syracuce University it was likewise reported the very first measurement of the magnetic field of the human heart, and in 1971 a superconducting magnetometer called SQUID was used to measure the magnetic field of the Brain.

In 1991 Seto and associates determined the electromagnetic field between the hands of healers and was developed to be less than 1% or the hearts electromagnetic field. And if the heart magnetic field can control biological functions it is definitely practical that the magnetic field coming out from the hands of the healers may likewise influence biological functions.

In 1989 Del Guiudice et al confirmed the presence of the Josephson junction, a superconducting semiconductor present in the living tissue.

In 1993 McCraty discovered that the DNA serves as a superconducting magnetic field detector, able through the Hall impact to detect and produce magnetic signals, and to function as a signal amplifier.

Thus the modern-day science has found many mechanisms by which it is possible for healers to produce electrical and magnetic healing energy to affect the clients. (those who see more information about this matter can read "The Scientific Basis of Energy Medicine" by James L. Oschman, 1998).


After an energy healing session, the healee can experience substantial and considerable shifts in mind, spirit and body.

He can either experience a decrease or removal of the symptoms, or a sense of love, acceptance and deep releasing.

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The 2008 financial recession not only strike the UK however the entire international market harder than anticipated. Input and output within the manufacturing markets saw a large slump, development across the board struck a brick wall and redundancies soon ended up being the norm in order for businesses to make ends satisfy. The commercial sector was not alone in suffering; for the very first time buyer mortgage searching became increasingly tough as banks tightened their reigns and house rates suffered Finity Group Oregon unpleasant dips as the economic crisis made buying a home; objective impossible.

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